Harvest the Bounty

  • It is estimated that over half a million pounds of backyard produce goes unharvested every year in the Treasure Valley.
  • Our goal is to see a little less waste.

I Have I'll Harvest

Mission and Vision

The Treasure Valley is a beautiful place with beautiful people. We at Treasure Valley Harvest hope to support the community by helping people collaborate to harvest the bounty that is all around. We hope it is a place that helps people connect in a meaningful way.

It is the mission and vision of Treasure Valley Harvest to help connect people to help one another and to minimize food wase in the Treasure Valley. It is a way to appreciate the bounty that is all around and to give to those who can benefit.

On this site there are two user groups:

I Have - Those with more than they can handle or more than enough to share with others.

I'll Harvest - Those willing to harvest and appreciate the bounty.

** Currently, some email filters are sending our cooresondance to spam. If you fill out one of our forms and do not recieve an email shortly after please check your spam folder. We are working to resolve this issue ASAP. Happy Harvest! **

Printable Resources

Print 'em. Write a friendly note on the back. Hand 'em out to spread the word. It's all about networking and building up the Treasure Valley community.

Spread the Word Cards: Print. Cut. Pass them out. Spread the word.

Door Hanger: Print it. Pass it out. Repeat.

Please help us build the community:
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I Have

I have plenty of produce and I'd love to share!

(If you would like us to add a neighborhood to our table please fill out the Contact Us form to let us know.)

  • your email will be anonymous and never shared

I'll Harvest

I would be happy to harvest the bounty.

Click on a neighborhood name to view just that neighborhood.

Please be polite when making contact and introduce yourself. Let them know you found them on Treasure Valley Harvest.

Date Neighborhood Type of Produce Quantity Contact
03/30/20 Bench collaborative digital
03/26/20 Caldwell Solutions bypass
03/21/20 Bench violet dynamic
03/19/20 Bench Representative Handcrafted Granite Table
03/17/20 Caldwell plum Buckinghamshire
03/16/20 South Boise South Carolina Response
03/16/20 Bench Brazilian Real motivating
03/15/20 South Boise HDD e-business
03/15/20 Kuna interfaces Tasty
03/14/20 Bench panel payment
03/13/20 Bench multimedia transparent
03/11/20 Bench Connecticut target
03/10/20 Caldwell Sleek Fresh Ball Licensed Fresh Chair
03/09/20 Meridian JBOD payment
03/06/20 Bench SMS Technician
02/29/20 Bench Burundi matrix

Contact Us

Treasure Valley Harvest is always looking to make new connections. If you are interested in contacting us directly with new ideas, suggestions, or resources so we can better serve the community. Please fill out the form below. We will get back to you ASAP.